Here it Goes, The First ever official Bravado Outdoor Products Blog post expect more to come.

My Ping Pong Story.

Table Tennis is technically the name of the game, but I’m sure most of you know it better as ping pong. Most people have played ping pong at some point but few people in America have gotten into the sport. Recently, I went on a health kick to get myself back into shape and none of my plans included playing ping pong. I have only ever played casually with friends and family. Working in a family company built around Table Tennis my family members have been practicing. Both my brother and my dad had been trying to get me to come to Table Tennis club at the local YMCA. I joined the Y to start working out and figured I would check out the club since it was included. It is nothing at all like playing your friends!

Table Tennis is a Sport?

Table Tennis is an Olympic sport, but I never really thought of it as a sport. I played a lot of physical contact sports growing up, and never would have guessed the workout playing ping pong can be. Table Tennis club has become a part of my scheduled aerobic exercise routine. Twice a week I go to club, and occasionally my brother and I will go in on the weekends. It is a lot of fun but gets tiring after an hour so I always try to play for two. Playing with people that are a lot better than me means they can place shots and I’m running all over to hit the ball. I will be practicing as much as I can to be more competitive. Luckily even though there is a lot of movement none of it is very hard on your body.

Back in A Game

I used to consider myself a pretty active person, in high-school I was a 3 sport athlete and ran 3 miles a day. When I went to college I let a lot of those habits slide. I tried on a few occasions to get back into a healthy lifestyle but it was hard, the main workout I had done on my own time was running. With my extra weight I would get shin splints within the first week of trying to get back into it. Playing ping pong in a structured environment is low impact and a great workout!

 Lets Play!

Table tennis is definitely an ideal low-investment sport you could easily take up. Your body will thank you when you do. I am starting to outgrow my paddle and just ordered a new one on Paddle Palace. Shipping was impressive, I ordered on a Sunday and got my paddle that Tuesday!  I will be sure to update about what paddle I chose and how I like it in a few weeks.