Bravado Outdoor Products produces small batch custom concrete games. We are North Americas only concrete game provider leading the way in placemaking for innovative fun and interactive “play spaces”.

Our games inspire connection and play for people of all age groups moving the play world away from only providing services for youth. You are just as likely to see a retiree, college student, or child playing on our games. Playfulness is why we make our games and why our products are a revolutionary use of concrete.

Built Intentionally:
While our engineering and specifications are rock solid, our finish work stands alone in the precast concrete industry. We build Stone Age games using many methods from the concrete countertop industry to ensure our products have a finish that is more polished than precast concrete. Bravado casts on specified surfaces and diamond polishes products for the best possible play and aesthetics. Bravado specializes in, and only makes concrete games. Our goals are to provide the best interactive community building games available and to grow the sport of Table Tennis in North America.

Community Focus:
Bravado helps build community by creating unique touchpoint experiences that encourage playfulness, healthy activity, multi cultural and multi generational interaction. We build and believe and live our motto “Everybody plays!”.
We believe that intentional design and place making can influence the future of a community, the future of friendships and the spirit of a community.
Bravado works hard to help our customers be heroes to their end users for decades to come.

We Embrace Unique:
Bravado intentionally blurs the lines between engineered precast concrete, fine concrete craftsmanship, excellence in engineering and the games themselves by building with our chosen medium. By creating familiar games at a completely new level of quality and finish we have built a product line we are proud to play on, proud to build and sell. Our highest achievement is helping building places for others to play, interact, have fun and create community.