Happy Valentines day! We are pleased to share our secret ingredient today! Our concrete is mixed with love. Mixed with love and shared around the world to bring playfulness and joy to every place and person we can influence.
At Bravado our job is changing the game. We change regular backyard and basement quality games into solid concrete public amenities. By changing the materials we answer the question “how can we make it better?”.
“How can we make it better?” is a big part of life, love, and quality.
To show care for others we can ask the same question. To be in love with others we need to commit to the same question! How can we make it better cuts right past the status quo. Something isn’t working, in the case of our products that something is their durability. Sure disposable table tennis or ladderball add some fun around the house for a while. Changing it to concrete meets the needs of more people, builds more community, and makes the product durable for public use.
Love you! Happy Valentines Day!