Concrete Shuffleboard Tables


Permanent Outdoor Concrete Shuffleboard Tables

The Monolithic Concrete Shuffleboard Table is the result of 8 years of engenuity and Fun. Our latest addition to our growing product line is sure to impress. The realistic looking wood stain will have you convinced that the concrete top is a wood surface.

As always we can customize the product and finish to make this the perfect fit for any location.

Starting at $11,950.00 + shipping


Our First concrete Shuffleboard table after assembly in the shop.

Realistic woodgrain finish

Concrete Shuffleboard Table Features

  • Proprietary Triple reinforced concrete
  • Beautiful polished concrete
  • Excellent play surface
  • Vandal resistant fasteners
  • SOLID concrete no hollow spots underneath
  • Designed for over 50-100 years of usable life
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Shipped WORLDWIDE

Our table has a glass smooth finish.

Who buys Concrete Shuffleboard Tables?

Parks, schools, homeowners, military, condo’s, hotels, resorts and businesses. Our concrete shuffleboard tables are a great backyard bbq or pool area activity.

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