The Real Magic

The Real Magic

by Lem James | Mar 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Stone Age Game Tables are beautiful, durable, innovative and fun. THE REAL MAGIC is how they bring people together in friendly competition, laughter and joy! It’s still surprising to most people to find a concrete ping pong table in a public space, we see them walk around the table, touch it and process the quality, and then they play!

Now that we offer concrete cornhole, concrete fooseball, round four way table tennis, shuffleboard chess and chinese checkers it is possible to build a long lasting outdoor community center out of concrete! We help build them all the time and quite often we help add on more games because they get used.

It’s magical for us to watch our play spaces get used. Unlike a playground the diversities in age and other demographics are wide open. It’s not just the grand kids playing on a swing, it’s also grandma playing with them or a group of college students. Everybody plays!

At Bravado Outdoor Products our intention is to help build fun places that bring people together and build community. We build the joy into parks and schools and backyards. Any place that people gather.

We take great satisfaction in blurring the lines between fine concrete work and production manufacturing, between sculpture and playground, between public places and social interactions. We love watching every generation interact actively around a game of table tennis, cornhole, foosball or chess. We measure success in laughter, tons and centuries! Everybody plays!