Concrete Table Tennis Table and dining table

Level up the backyard!

Table Tennis

Our Dining model Table Tennis Table comes with legs specially designed to give you more legroom and space to push in chairs. We also have some other options for home applications including the concrete Joola tables which are under 400 pounds assembled

Cornhole and Table Games

Cornhole boards are always a hit during family gatherings or parties, make them your own by adding your family name on the boards.

We also offer Chess tables, Domino Tables, and even backgammon. Our game tables come with a polished concrete surface that is sure to add to the new permanent play spot.

Backyard dining table and concrete ping pong table

Dining Table Model

The Dining model comes in all of our standard colors but brown is the most popular choice as it has a custom wood look. This is a great option for entertaining. Like all of our concrete table tennis tables it does require equipment for offloading and installation. Dining table comes standard with a stand on top aluminum custom net or our standard park bolt on net.

Joola Berkshire Table Tennis Table

Joola Berkshire Table

The Berkshire Table comes with a metal net and an outdoor cover. the tops are made of a lightweight concrete and this is a table than can be installed with 2-3 people and does not require lifting equipment for installation. Concrete top has wood grain look and texture that does not affect play.

Best outdoor ping pong table

Joola Folding Outdoor Table 

Free up space when you are not playing you can fold this table up when not in use. unlike the other tables we offer the net is cloth and you will want to make sure to keep the net out of the rain.

Concrete Cornhole Borads


Cornhole is a great game fun for all ages. Cornhole is a Social game that is inclusive and often played with bags in one hand and a beer or soda in the other.

Concrete Chess Table


Chess is a great brain game and our polished aggregate chess tables with marble squares are a great way to enjoy a dedicated spot for your family's chess games. 

Concrete Ping Pong Table

Classic Uptown Table 

If you are looking for the durability of a true concrete table the Uptown model is our cheapest option to get a concrete ping pong table in your backyard.