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Who We Are

Bravado Outdoor Products specializes in unique, permanent concrete recreational equipment for parks, schools, entertainment venues and home use. Bravado promotes healthy physical and social activity for all ages and physical activity levels. Everybody plays! Our strong background in Parks and Recreation along with Government sales makes us the only choice for permanent concrete table tennis tables in North America. Our focus on beauty and craftsmanship makes us the inspired choice for entertainment venues and homeowners.


Our finished products are satin smooth. Ball bounce and play meet the ITTA standards except for the durable steel nets. Our nets are 3/8 inch steel with powder coating. Our nets are usually custom designed for each unique project. Underneath all that beauty, the engineering is overdesigned for long term durability. All Bravado Tables are produced using our proprietary triple reinforced concrete. We finish the tables using quality anti-graffiti coating for long term beauty, even in the roughest public venues.

Our chess tables have inlaid marble chess boards and are available with post consumer recycled glass for design unique to each table

Our Customers

From homeowners to Olympic Committees, everybody plays.

A few of our customers include: City of Seattle, City of Ashland, Douglas County Schools, City of Philadelphia, Anvil NW, the U.S. Air Force, Diamond Resorts, City of Monroe N.Y., Olympic Committee in Doha Qatar, Terra Verde Resort, Department of Homeland Security, City of Santa Cruz, University of N. Florida, North America Campus Communities, Glide High School, Heddrick Middle School, City of Coquitlam, numerous home owners, and many more.

Our Philosophy

We are the essence of post industrialism. Industrial quality is only a starting point. The ending point is to inspire joy through craftsmanship and to change places into a spontaneous combustion of activity and fun and innovative spirit.


We currently have products across the US, Canada and in several other countries, and we’re shipping to new locations all the time. We’re also adding new options and products to satisfy our creative side and offer the very best to our customers. We love to see public tables all across Canada, America and beyond so more and more people can participate.

Our Goal

Bravado Outdoor Products is changing the way Table Tennis is played in North America and beyond. Bravado Outdoor Products has brought table tennis to a new level of quality and accessibility. Our goal is to raise the sport of Table Tennis to include massive public participation and eventually to raise the level of North American competitive Table Tennis by providing entry level availability in schools and parks. China successfully used these outdoor public concrete tables to become the current world leader in Table Tennis over the last forty years.

Our goal is to provide parks, schools and homeowners with durable and fun concrete recreational equipment that changes any place into active fun and social areas.

Our goal is to be the industry leader in concrete design and execution within the scope of recreational products.

Our goal is to REFRAME the expectations of our end users by providing durable concrete recreational equipment that produces joy through beauty, social interaction and competitive sport.

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Stone Age Concrete Games Inc.

Roseburg, Oregon, USA.
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Contact Information

Bravado Outdoor Products LLC
Phone: (541) 671-6318

Email: [email protected]

Privacy Policy