Trapazoid Leg Concrete ping pong table

Table Tennis

This is what started it all here at Stone Age, our table tennis tables have transformed into what it is today over the last 8 years. The robust design of the Uptown Table makes it a great addition to any outdoor area.

Every Table is customized to order. Choose from a variety of options including the color for tops and legs, the net design and color, and even designs on the table surface.

Concrete Foosball Table in a park


Concrete Foosball Tables will turn heads and inspire laughter and friendly competition for decades to come. Over engineered to perform in public parks and schools. The novelty and durability also fits great in the backyard.

Foosball rods are stainless steel to ensure long life in the great outdoors. All hardware utilizes vandal-resistant fasteners.

We are also the only supplier of concrete Double Foosball!

Concrete Cornhole Board in a park


Cornhole is a bag toss game quickly growing in popularity. Cornhole is great fun for all ages commonly found in backyards or tailgater parties and campgrounds cornhole has grown and now championships are aired on ESPN .
Our Cornhole boards are built tough for permanent outdoor use and can be customized with graphics to suit your needs.

Concrete Ladderball Game


Ladder Ball, Connect 4, and Box Hockey

Learn more about our newest games in the product line that are a great addition to your park or schoolyard.

Concrete Chess Table at a school

Game Tables 

Our marble inlay Chess Tables are designed for permanent outdoor use and permanent beauty! Like our table tennis tables, we use the highest quality 5,000 psi concrete as well as steel and high-tech reinforcing methods. Our glossy glass like finish colored concrete with inlaid marble is beautiful, artistic, and meant to last in public parks, schools and fine estates. Tables are available with freestanding legs or direct burial posts for permanent installations. 

Regulation 2 1/4″ chess squares.

Round Four Way Table Tennis at a resort.

Round Table Tennis Tables! 

Round Four Way Table Tennis makes an excellent complement to locations with regular Table Tennis Tables. Round Four Way Table Tennis allows for 2-4 players (4 is standard). The game is fun and similar to Table Tennis except the angles of play are different as each player can hit into any of the other quarter sections of the table. This makes for some ridiculous surprises and keeps the players learning and adjusting constantly to new bounces and plays. 

The laughter and fun is contagious!

As always we can customize the product and finish to make this the perfect fit for any location.